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Would I talk to my patient about myself?
How would the Catholic Church change if clerical marriage became more common?
Shakespeare, Hemingway and Poe had their own rhythm.
New Yorkers may be dissatisfied, but it doesn’t mean they’re unhappy.
The public editor responds to reader complaints on fairness in Middle East news reports.
The F.C.C. commissioner’s proposal to modestly raise taxes to bolster the agency’s E-Rate program is reasonable and justified.
A lawsuit says racial preferences hurt high-achieving minorities..
The ‘golden rice’ champion on the bewildering campaign to stop a miracle food that could save millions of children from blindness and death.
Someone should ask the AG nominee about the Hirsch brothers.
Most Republican Senators defeat a bad NSA bill.
It’s Jerry Brown versus Janet Napolitano in a Democratic war over the state’s surplus and spending priorities.
With Operation Choke Point, the Justice Department’s targets have included vendors of firearms and fireworks.
For all that he's a regent of the University of California, Gov. Jerry Brown is not an expert on academia or modern trends in higher education. What he brings to the deliberations over UC's budget isn't the perspective of a visionary seeking to maintain and build on the university's...
Advances in technology have given police agencies vastly expanded surveillance capabilities. Facial recognition software that can identify suspects, databases that can be tapped to track suspects' movements and locations, automatic license plate readers, social media monitoring, body cameras...
The Federal Communications Commission has decided to put off action on net neutrality until 2015, drawing protests from those lobbying for strict regulation of Internet service providers. It's tempting to argue that the delay gives the commission time to develop a consensus, but that's a fool's...
Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation provides the foundational precedent for President Obama's executive order on immigrants in the country illegally.
President Obama claims that his decision to defer deportations for millions of immigrants is within his legal authority. The scary thing about this wide-ranging suspension of the law is that his view isn't obviously wrong.
To Americans, the rules of citizenship can seem simple: You're a member of this nation either by birth or naturalization. But centuries of debate over how citizenship can be acquired and lost show that the concept is not simple at all. This is especially true of birthright citizenship, the rule...
Strikeout: Sangamon County Circuit Judge John Belz has ruled Illinois' pension reform law unconstitutional.
Republican fury over President Barack Obama's drastic executive action on immigration distracts from the most obvious solution: the sensible compromise that senators from both parties passed more than 500 days ago, only to have it bottled up by Speaker John Boehner in the House.
There are any number of marvelous things one might do as president, if Congress were not such a checked and balanced mess. But future presidents now have a new method at their disposal: Declare a long-running debate to be a national emergency. Challenge Congress, under threat of unilateral...
From June 4 to 7, 1942, the U.S. Navy ambushed and then devastated a Japanese strike force near Midway Island. Tokyo's plan to occupy the Hawaiian Islands had relied on seizing that tiny atoll halfway between Asia and North America. On June 7, six months to the day after Pearl Harbor, a...
If you're a foreigner in this country without authorization, you may be a hardworking, upright and taxpaying person, but you live in daily terror of making a fatal misstep. Overlooking a broken taillight, being a witness to a crime, getting hit by a car while crossing the street — minor...
Washington Porter made his fortune putting California fruit on Chicago's tables.
Seen through the prism of subsequent national experience, Nelson Rockefeller resembles a swollen postwar automobile — a land yacht with tail fins, a period piece, bemusing and embarrassing. He remains, however, instructive. Read full article >>
Agree or disagree with Barack Obama’s executive action on immigration, the president did something important, laudable, and with potentially long-lasting consequences in announcing the move: He released the Office of Legal Counsel memorandum outlining the legal justification for it. Read full article >>
Most of us who were alive 51 years ago remember exactly what we were doing the moment we heard that President John F. Kennedy had been shot. That day in Dallas significantly changed my perspective on the presidency and American institutions. Read full article >>
A couple of weeks ago, The Post wrote about my neighbor, Hollis Johnson. The article, “Looking for answers,” was about a prayer service for Hollis, held at his parents’ home about a week after he was shot to death in the hallway of our apartment complex. Read full article >>
Energy and water issues do not galvanize the District’s interest the way schools and funding for new stadiums do, but perhaps they should. Without aggressive leadership, the city could become a laggard on climate change, clean rivers and other critical environmental issues. Read full article >>
For a city that likes to complain loudly and often about disenfranchisement, the District’s elections stand as a study in hypocrisy. While independent mayoral candidates David Catania and, to a lesser extent, Carol Schwartz mounted credible campaigns, they enjoyed an illegitimate elevation in status stemming from the District’s distorted election process. To believe two white former Republicans represent voters’ second and third preferences in a mostly Democratic city that is 50 percent black is to be ignorant of the District. The competitiveness that existed was instead a manifestation of the District’s anachronistic, disingenuous and undemocratic system of elections, which, sadly, perpetuates some of our recent misrule. Read full article >>
We can prepare for violence, but not to build communities.   
Astrid Silva tells her story about the new chance Obama has given her immigrant family.   
President's plan on net neutrality is a step backwards, not forward.   
The sweeping nature of his plan amounts to executive overreach.   
The late-night comics take a look at President Obama's speech and the response   
Influential gay rights advocate and top Obama donor, Terry Bean, and alleged former boyfriend arrested.   
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