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Does China deserve the benefits of being classified a “developing country”?
A new plan should reduce delays, but travelers still won’t be able to take a train directly to the airport.
Racial discrimination is so embedded in our system that it has become nearly invisible. And there is data to prove it.
Mr. Huckabee says Jewish voters aren’t offended by his recent Holocaust references.
The hostility of many Muslims toward homosexuality has little basis in the Quran.
The U.S. government forbids overseas asylum applicants from bringing legal counsel to hearings, making the process unfair and less efficient.
In which we try to make sense of the highway bill’s bizarre politics.
China is discovering the futility of propping up stock prices.
A tragic history is no excuse for a failed future.
If the president doesn’t tell Commissioner Koskinen to go, then we in Congress should impeach him.
But don’t worry. Mrs. Clinton has a plan to ‘save capitalism.’
Obama, not noticeably shy about weighing in on controversial subjects, is steering clear of this one.
The Angels added a pair of veteran left-handed-hitting outfielders in two separate deals on Tuesday, acquiring David DeJesus from the Tampa Bay Rays and David Murphy from the Cleveland Indians.
Residents at the newly-built Tannery Arts Center, a large campus built to provide housing and performance space to keep low-income artists in Santa Cruz, were in shock and tears Tuesday after a 15-year-old boy was arrested in the killing an 8-year-old girl.
For President Obama, careful choreography was a daily exercise throughout his five-day trip to Africa, which ended Tuesday with a rousing speech to the continent's heads of government.
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell denied New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady's appeal of his four-game suspension for his alleged involvement in the Deflategate scandal, the league announced Tuesday.
Shane Victorino, acquired from the Boston Red Sox for infielder Josh Rutledge on Monday, will start in left field and bat eighth for the Angels against the Houston Astros in Minute Maid Park on Tuesday night, but center fielder Mike Trout is not in the lineup.
The landmark 2002 No Child Left Behind law was built on compelling principles: All children can learn. Every school should be held responsible for students' academic growth.
Even Chief Keef has rights.
Bob Dole, now 92 and in a wheelchair, made a rare return visit to Congress on Monday to celebrate this week's 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act - the sort of big bipartisan triumph of yore that now seems unimaginable.
There's a lot of worry around about the "gig economy," a fear that Uber-type jobs are "driving inequality" and could be bad for workers. Everywhere you look it seems that some columnist is fretting about what Uber means for the future of society, and its workforce. Not to mention those who are...
It must make the birthers' heads explode to hear President Barack Obama ridicule the ridiculous charge that he is a secret Kenyan. That's only one good reason for him to do it.
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, R, who presides over a state with a high rate of gun violence and a low quality of gun laws, is shocked. "We never would've imagined it would've happened in Louisiana or Lafayette," he said after last week's movie theater shooting in Lafayette, La.
When I appeared on “The Daily Show” in late 2002, host Jon Stewart wanted to know why conservatives seemed to have a more effective message than progressives. “Are they better at selling their ideas, or they just have better ideas?” he asked. Although I disputed his premise, the Bush administration and its allies clearly had marginalized progressive opposition to the impending war in Iraq, and Stewart still thought of himself as an impartial observer. “Join us in the center,” he said as the interview concluded. “That’s my movement.” Read full article >>
They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and still expecting a different result.We will soon find out whether our senators are truly insane.Tucked into a dusty corner of the Senate’s Highway Trust Fund bill — legislation that must pass before the fund runs dry on July 31 — is a zombie proposal to hire private debt-collection agencies to hound delinquent taxpayers on behalf of the Internal Revenue Service. Read full article >>
The most surprising revelation in recent presidential polling is not that Donald Trump has low favorability in key states — a welcome indicator of national sanity — but rather that Hillary Clinton’s numbers are almost as bad. Put another way: A vacuous, gaffe-prone, xenophobic, conspiracy-minded reality television star whose nomination, by most accounts, would destroy the GOP has about the same approval ratings in Colorado and Iowa as the prohibitive favorite for the Democratic nomination. Read full article >>
The latest controversy over Hillary Clinton’s e-mails — the allegation that classified information was improperly transmitted on her private e-mail server — is, or should be, a non-scandal.Clinton has only herself to blame for a lot of the e-mail mess. She should have behaved like other government officials and used an official account, however cumbersome the multiple-device consequences might have been.Read full article >>
Uber just ran over the mayor of New York. Bill de Blasio (D) wanted to limit the company’s expansion, citing traffic and complaints from the taxi industry, which is, as the saying goes, on the wrong side of history. Uber marshaled most of the world’s lobbyists and consultants and, in the apt description of the online journal Capital “crushed the mayor.” He merely decided to study the matter.Read full article >>
Bob Dole, now 92 and in a wheelchair, made a rare return visit to Congress on Monday to celebrate this week’s 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act — the sort of big bipartisan triumph of yore that now seems unimaginable.Read full article >>
What's needed most are statewide rules that establish testing criteria and priorities.   
Elected officials should not set policies on rape kits.   
Hillary Clinton hobnobs with union bosses, while I defeated them for Wisconsin taxpayers.   
Mexico would do well to take a page from Colombia’s playbook.   
Christos Panagopoulos, Greece’s ambassador to the United States, speaks with USA TODAY World Editor Owen Ullmann about a deal to repay creditors and return Greece to normalcy. He also responds to critics who say Greece has to reform its economy.   
Check out our favorite late-night jokes about Donald Trump and the GOP.   
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