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What will remain is not a murder case, but the image of the opposition politician who had once personified so many of Russia’s hopes.
Do companies that share genetic information for research purposes violate privacy?
Artists do something zealots can't stand: They break down divisions between people.
The exoneration of one of the women jailed for violating abortion laws is a victory, but much remains to be done.
We should remember that the threat posed to us by radical Islam, while real, is not an existential one.
Sampling the responses to an Op-Ed article, “The Government’s Bad Diet Advice.”
Boris Nemtsov threw his big body, big voice and big heart into the uphill battle to keep democracy alive in Russia.
House Republicans walk into Obama’s immigration trap.
Buyer’s remorse is already setting in for Google and other ‘net neutrality’ proponents.
Apologists say the Islamic State killer is misunderstood.
India’s new prime minister settles for incremental reform.
The Federal Reserve’s powers to act as lender of last resort need to be restored and strengthened.
Don't sit this election out. It's true that there's no high-profile mayor's race or marijuana ballot measure, but Tuesday's election could lead to one of the most significant changes to local government in years. If Charter Amendments 1 and 2 pass, city and school board elections will move,...
Less than three months ago, California voters adopted Proposition 47, an initiative that reduced six felonies to misdemeanors. By far, most of the affected crimes are for drug possession.
Since President Obama asked Congress in February for a new Authorization for Use of Military Force against Islamic State, the proposal has been under attack by hawkish members of Congress. “My goal is to do no harm to the war effort,” Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said recently....
Rockfish stuffed with rapini and roasted in my 800-degree wood-fired oven with crushed potatoes is at the top of the list of meals I love to cook, eat and serve. But I don't just have this dish on my restaurant's menu because it is delicious. I also do it to save the rockfish and other West...
When Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addresses Congress on Tuesday about the dangers posed by Iran's nuclear program, he will have to overcome the deafening political static created by the circumstances of his invitation. Not only did House Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) invite...
The fervent Republicans who throng the Conservative Political Action Conference every year aren't representative of the American electorate. They aren't even representative of the GOP electorate. For four of the last five years, their straw poll for president has chosen Rand Paul or Ron Paul....
After careful consideration I have decided not to attend the Tuesday speech Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will give before a joint session of Congress.
Wednesday, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments about whether the Obama administration used the IRS to deliver health insurance subsidies to Americans in violation of the law. Millions of Americans may lose these subsidies if the court finds that the administration acted illegally. If...
Four years ago, I was surprised by how early in the evening on election night President Barack Obama's former chief of staff Rahm Emanuel won the mayoral race in Chicago, a city whose elections are historically famous for long counts.
President Barack Obama last week vetoed legislation that would have greenlighted the Keystone XL pipeline, linking Canadian oil sands to the U.S. Gulf Coast. The Senate lacks the votes to override Obama's veto. Yet Keystone isn't dead. Both Democrats and Republicans have an interest in...
A year barely two months old has ripped twice at Chicago's heart. As word spread Sunday that Minnie Minoso had died, conversations turned back five-plus weeks to the loss of Ernie Banks.
Before the performance, Sara Shafran wasn't sure what to expect.
The political paralysis in Washington is often ascribed, depending on partisanship, to Republican obstructionism or President Obama’s arrogance. But there are deeper causes. Both parties have had a hard time creating agendas that appeal across ideological, racial and ethnic lines. There has been a fragmentation of power and purpose that transcends the defects of political leaders.Read full article >>
It’s a daunting challenge to spin the word “no” into a hopeful and forward-looking political battle cry. There are, of course, circumstances when negative arguments can work. In obviously terrible times, voters are often content to take a chance on a barely sketched-out alternative. In midterm elections, which are like midsemester report cards, voters often protest against what they don’t like. “No” was a successful pitch in three straight midterms going back to 2006. The GOP’s 1946 slogan, “Had Enough? Vote Republican,” was a model of simple and clever effectiveness.Read full article >>
Three times in the past 20 years, an Israeli prime minister has headed into an election while openly battling a U.S. president. The first two times the incumbent lost, establishing the Israeli political maxim that endangering relations with Washington was ruinous. In 1999, the loser was Benjamin Netanyahu, who calculated, wrongly, that he could outmaneuver President Bill Clinton by appealing to Congress. Remarkably, a politician known for his caution has now bet his career, and the future of the U.S.-Israel alliance, on the same strategem. Read full article >>
The Supreme Court frequently ponders arcane matters. Next week, however, in oral arguments concerning two cases, the justices’ task will be to teach remedial reading to Congress and to Arizona. On Wednesday, the justices will consider this: Did Congress mean what it said when, with patently coercive intent, it stipulated in the Affordable Care Act that subsidies for persons compelled to purchase health insurance can be disbursed only through exchanges “established by the state”? If so, billions have been illegally disbursed through federal exchanges in the 34 states that resisted the ACA’s pressure to establish exchanges. Read full article >>
As with everything else here these days, the talk about the Affordable Care Act case before the Supreme Court next week will focus on ideological splits: Will any conservative justice join the four liberals all but certain to back the administration?Read full article >>
Sometimes it’s hard to choose your poison, especially when all the options are horrible. That’s what it’s like when the District decides to take on Congress over an issue of self-government. The District’s chances of winning such contests are small because of that pesky Article I, Section 8, of the Constitution, which gives Congress the power to “exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever, over . . . the Seat of the Government of the United States.” Read full article >>
Nothing justifies excluding same-sex couples from the institution of marriage.   
Duck Dynasty star talked about STDs? Sometimes lessons need to be relearned.   
The four challengers won't just shed their own insurance.   
The late-night comics talk about a variety of sports in this Punchlines roundup   
The Third Amendment keeps a low profile, but it is time to revisit who and what we quarter.   
The specific issue before the court is whether this IRS rule is valid.   
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