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One in 25 patients who goes into the hospital without an infection will get one there. The V.A. is leading the way in bringing those numbers under control.
Affordable Care Act opponents are taking aim at a component that would raise some $29 billion. President Obama ought to veto any bill that eliminates it.
American and Cuban officials will need to be pragmatic and patient as they untangle a relationship laden with five decades of acrimony, resentment and mistrust.
Readers respond to columns by Nicholas Kristof.
Readers express concerns about the role of the conservative billionaire brothers in next year’s races.
A reader discusses the benefits of resettlement programs, in response to an Op-Ed essay by Angelina Jolie.
A haphazard foreign policy makes a complicated world more dangerous.
With 31 governorships and dozens of statehouses in GOP hands, millions of Americans are finally getting tax relief.
Obama’s new tax proposals flunk his own distribution test.
Why Brownback backtracked on his tax-cut schedule.
India’s leader takes some risks to clear obstacles to growth.
Catholics and Protestants once killed in the name of God, but eventually liberal ideas took hold.
As more information begins to emerge about e-cigarettes, they are looking less and less like benign alternatives to traditional smoking. Teenagers are apparently taking up the so-called vaping habit in droves, and now we're also learning that the exhaled vapor contains multiple harmful...
The "intern economy" is a crumbling monument to short-term thinking. The class-action lawsuit filed in 2010 against Fox Searchlight Pictures by former unpaid interns on the film "Black Swan" set off a wave of internship lawsuits that is likely to have lasting consequences for companies with...
Children born in South Los Angeles, where per capita income is $13,000, live on average 10 years less than children born in the affluent neighborhood of Pacific Palisades, according to the Health Atlas for the City of Los Angeles. This is health inequality.
A puzzling aspect of President Obama's war against Islamic State, a military campaign that is now almost six months old, is his attitude toward congressional approval for the mission.
The military calls it "mission creep" — sending troops out for one purpose, then adding to their marching orders over time. This kind of metastasis is innocuous in some contexts, but not so benign when the government is collecting information about innocent people going about their...
Falling gasoline prices — are they good or bad?
Amid the ritual expressions of regret and the pledges of "never again" on Tuesday's 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, a bitter irony was noted: Anti-Semitism has returned to Europe. With a vengeance.
Alberto Nisman, a prosecutor in Argentina, spent years investigating the 1994 bombing of a Jewish community center in Buenos Aires that killed 85 people. He was scheduled to brief Argentine lawmakers this month on a report that included an explosive allegation: President Cristina Fernandez took...
Six members of the College of DuPage board of trustees have failed the students, parents and taxpayers who relied on them and their — is this word too generous? — judgment.
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Please tell us something about yourself that would surprise us.
The columnist Charles M. Blow of the New York Times has sparked debate this week by his disclosure that his son, a student at Yale College, was stopped at gunpoint by a Yale police officer who said he resembled a robbery suspect.
The political ramifications are clear: House Speaker John Boehner and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a colossal mistake by conspiring behind President Obama’s back, and the move has ricocheted on both of them.Read full article >>
Amid the ritual expressions of regret and the pledges of “never again” on Tuesday’s 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, a bitter irony was noted: Anti-Semitism has returned to Europe. With a vengeance. Read full article >>
The invasion, evidently, has begun.“What’s not acceptable,” Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) explained recently, “is people that want to come and conquer us.” Yes, the conquest of the United States: pretty unacceptable. “That’s not immigration, by the way,” he continued, “that’s colonization.” Ditto on being colonized, as the British learned to their chagrin. “If they want to come here and they want to set up their own culture and values, that’s not immigration, that’s really invasion ­— if you’re honest about it.”Read full article >>
Strange bedfellows of 2015: As the Obama administration pushes toward a major new trade agreement in Asia this spring, it is developing two unlikely allies: Chinese officials abroad, who are signaling that they want in, and Republicans in Congress, who appear willing to support what would be one of President Obama’s biggest successes.Read full article >>
Not this again.Calls to “Audit the Fed” are back. And just as before, they are extraordinarily dangerous to the health of the U.S. economy.First, a little background. Conspiracy theories about the Federal Reserve’s wacky technical mumbo-jumbo voodoo have a long populist history. Monetary policy is complicated and abstract; entrusting it to a secretive, propeller-headed cabal naturally arouses suspicion. No surprise, then, that libertarian hero and former Texas congressman Ron Paul for years tried to persuade his colleagues to curb the central bank’s power and independence with recurrent calls to “Audit the Fed” (if not kill it entirely). He made Fed audits a centerpiece of his 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns.Read full article >>
NEW DELHIPresident Obama’s trip to India was strategically important, symbolically resonant and deftly executed. But it coincided with a snowstorm in some Northeastern states, so it struggled to get airtime and ink in the United States. In India, on the other hand, newspapers devoted pages to the visit every day, and television coverage was wall-to-wall. It even got the attention of the Chinese government, which denounced the new friendship. Read full article >>
When officers want to "see" inside your house, they should get a warrant.   
The radar device known as the Range-R is not a nefarious gadget.   
Graphics, polls, informal surveys and your view on what should happen to parents who don't.   
The Alaskan in me feels the wilderness shouldn't be sold for oil.   
Editorial Page writer George Hager answers this reader question that involves war crimes, weapons of mass destruction and Congress. Take a look, then send us your question using #askusatoday on Twitter.   
Supreme Court touts openness, but with few seats for public, more transparency is needed.   
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