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It’s a bad said when the establishment declares its “100 percent” support.
What wedding traditions should be revived or discarded?
Trophies have gotten a reputation as vehicles for millennial narcissism, but one writer says they’re unfairly maligned. Do our ideas about achievement and special-ness need updating?
We’ve finally reached the point where the do-nothing, delay-everything Congress has reached its logical position.
The debate over parole for apartheid killers reveals that South Africa’s truth and reconciliation was a mirage.
If America and the E.U. don't stand up to Russia, they'll cease to be relevant global players.
ObamaCare repeal is out until 2017, but here's an agenda to unite the GOP and offer Americans relief.
The supposedly independent agency harassed the administration's political opponents and saved its health-care law.
A $1,000 pill ignites an ObamaCare war of all against all.
Some honest remarks about culture and authenticity.
The political realities behind the latest tainted food scandal.
An election dispute risks becoming an assault on democracy.
International outrage over the downing of a Malaysian passenger plane over Ukraine on July 17 does not appear to have affected either the actions of pro-Russia forces in that country or the material support Russia is offering the rebels. On Wednesday, the separatists apparently shot down two...
For the third time this year, state executioners administering a lethal injection to a condemned man have botched it. This time it happened in Arizona, where it took nearly two hours Wednesday to kill convicted murderer Joseph Wood using the same two-drug protocol involved in Ohio's slow,...
At last count, more than 8 million people are getting healthcare through an Obamacare exchange. Almost three-quarters of them are using the federal exchange. These millions of Americans ought to be able to finally leave behind the stress of living with no insurance or inadequate or unaffordable...
After years of doing far too little to divert mentally ill people from jail, Los Angeles County leaders now seem to realize that they must step up the pace. The Board of Supervisors can demonstrate that it is serious about better mental health treatment and more responsible jail management by...
Novelist and longtime Scotland resident J.K. Rowling did not mention national security issues when she recently donated 1 million pounds ($1.71 million) to the Better Together Campaign, which wants Scottish voters to reject the independence option in the Sept. 18 referendum. Rowling — creator...
Former Los Angeles City Councilman Richard Alarcon was convicted Wednesday on four counts of voter fraud and perjury for lying about where he lived when he ran for office in 2007 and 2009. He was acquitted of 12 other related charges. The mixed verdict should not obscure the larger issue, which...
Cities have used other methods to segregate lower-income residents from those better off.
Congress cries 'crisis!' ... and plans five-week vacationBusloads of unaccompanied migrant children arriving at processing centers across the country have been met with open arms in some communities and blocked by protesters in others, a reflection of the still bitter debate over our nation's immigration policies.
Hamas' worst threat may not come from Israel, but its fellow citizens.
There is something perverse — and deeply disturbing — about politicians who insult the American people and companies for legally following our tax code.
During my six years in Amsterdam, one thing I never quite understood was the Dutch attitude toward celebrities. The Dutch are passionate about local celebrities far more than about, say, Hollywood stars. But in the midst of gossiping about a homegrown film or sports personality, they will suddenly turn blase, as if the celeb were a mere family member who had become uppity.
The most alarming sentence in the recent Illinois Supreme Court ruling on retiree health care was not the one cited most often by tea-leaf readers that pension benefits must be "liberally construed."
The civilian death toll in Gaza from Israel’s latest incursion is appalling. The right to self-defense is inalienable, but it is not free from moral constraints. As of this writing, nearly 750 Palestinians, including dozens of children, have been killed since the Israeli assault began. On Thursday, a compound housing a United Nations school — crowded with Gaza residents who had fled their homes to seek shelter — was shelled in an incident still under investigation by the Israeli Defense Forces. Palestinian officials said 15 people were killed and scores injured. Read full article >>
The president’s demeanor is worrying a lot of people. From the immigration crisis on the Mexican border to the Islamic State rising in Mesopotamia, Barack Obama seems totally detached from the world’s convulsions. When he does interrupt his endless rounds of golf, fundraising and photo ops, it’s for some affectless, mechanical, almost forced public statement. Read full article >>
The world has been so chaotic lately that it was easy to overlook two U.S. diplomatic maneuvers — involving the turbulent nations of Afghanistan and Iran — that avoided what could have been dangerous ruptures. Read full article >>
“Checked the tax code,” wrote a friend who’s engaged to a woman from a low-tax country. “Unfortunately, marrying [my fiancee] does not entitle me to a tax inversion like the big US companies are getting. Thanks for nothing IRS.” Read full article >>
The Ukraine crisis has shone a spotlight on one of the glaring gaps in the world: the lack of a strategic and purposeful Europe. The United States can and should lead on the response to this conflict, but nothing can really happen without Europe. The European Union is by far Russia’s largest trading partner — it buys much of Russia’s energy, is the major investor in Russian companies and is the largest destination for Russian capital. Some of President Obama’s critics want him to scold Vladimir Putin. But ultimately, it is European actions that the Russian president will worry about. Read full article >>
Tragedies concentrate the mind. U.S. politics was trundling along on its usual unserious and trivial trajectory when news of the crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 in Ukraine shook the world. Suddenly, the stakes in public life and foreign policy were very high. Read full article >>
Flawed child trafficking/labor law generates big business for smugglers.   
Central American children are fleeing gangs and rapists.   
Lunatic rebels delayed cure that Ukraine and Russia need most.   
They can actually help our brains develop.   
The late-night comics are just as curious about the next iPhone as you are. Vote for your favorite joke at opinion.usatoday.com.   
Let's re-conceive the federal government's role in providing a safety net for the poor.   
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