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History and experience have burned into the black American psyche a functional pragmatism whose existence doesn’t depend on others’ approval.
The art of dropping out.
Some readers see gender bias in language choice in The Times.
Mark Landler responds to a reader query about a troubling practice, calling it ‘a serious breach of journalistic ethics.’
Increasingly, continuing care for addicts in recovery means more than handing them a list of A.A. meetings when they leave rehab.
With no establishment candidate emerging at the moment, Trump and Cruz have the only clear paths to the nomination.
Sanders and Trump ride very different populist uprisings to victory in New Hampshire.
Robbing consumers of the benefit of lower oil prices.
He perfects the strategy of denying the funding dilemma of the welfare state.
You won’t be hearing about the rising black middle class or intact two-parent families of the 1950s.
Panic turns to complacency when the threat subsides. That’s no way to handle potential pandemics.
Plus the new White House carbon tax and a part of black history you won’t hear this month.
The 58th Grammy AwardsWhen: 5 p.m. PT MondayWhere: Staples Center, 1111 S. Figueroa St., L.A.TV network: CBSInfo: www.grammy.com
Public health officials in Yolo County confirmed Wednesday that a resident there who recently returned from international travel contracted the Zika virus, the latest of several confirmed cases in California. The person, whose identity and gender were not released, had recently traveled to a country...
The Lakers hit the All-Star break with three-straight losses, falling on Wednesday night in Cleveland to the Cavaliers, 120-111. Kobe Bryant played his final game in Cleveland, scoring 17 points in 33 minutes, hitting just five of his 16 shot attempts. The Cavaliers pulled ahead early to double...
Hundreds of people from all over California showed up for a public hearing in Morro Bay this morning to determine whether Charles Lester, the embattled executive director of the California Coastal Commission, should be fired.The move to oust the executive director has set off a fierce debate over...
An Ohio man charged with stalking Gwyneth Paltrow testified Wednesday that he sent her dozens of messages in the hope she might want to marry him, despite her testifying against him in a previous stalking case. Dante Soiu testified that he wanted his messages to show her unconditional love and...
Investigators say the body of a young woman reported to have been missing since November was found inside a car that had been parked outside a busy Northern California store for weeks. KSBW-TV reported that 22-year-old Lauren Jessie Moss was found dead inside her car at a Walmart store in Salinas...
Syrian President Bashar Assad could now be on the verge of doing what was unthinkable just months ago — crushing rebel forces and claiming victory. The Syrian rebel stronghold in Aleppo is teetering under intense assault by Russian warplanes, Iranian militias and Syrian government troops. The government...
Every presidential primary creates its own history. New Hampshire's Tuesday legacy on the Republican side will be the measure of how angry those people are, and on the Democratic side, how hopeful they can be. This drives traditionalists crazy. You can't have a vulgar and profane casino mogul and...
Late in his speech this afternoon to the Illinois General Assembly in Springfield, President Barack Obama said this: So much of our politics now is just designed for short term, tactical gain. You know, if you think that adding more voters will hurt you on election day then, suddenly, you're not...
When I started working at the Chicago Tribune many years ago, I checked a box on some company form that allocated a percentage of each paycheck to a 401(k) retirement account. Pay period after pay period, year after year, the money has automatically been invested in various ways at my direction,...
After his Carolina Panthers lost the Super Bowl on Sunday, NFL MVP Cam Newton pouted through the postgame news conference, giving petulant answers and walking out of the interview early. Two days later, he doubled down, channeling his inner Donald Trump by saying, "Who likes to lose? You show me...
I want to address something I see as profoundly sexist: the constant attempts by the media and Hillary Clinton's campaign to erase and discredit Bernie Sanders' female supporters, of which I am one. Sanders' supporters have been ubiquitously discounted as "Bernie Bros" — sexist anti-Clinton bots...
Perplexed by today’s turbulent American political scene? Not to worry: A distinguished political scientist wrote an essay 26 years ago that anticipated our predicament with eerie explanatory power. The only downside is that its author specialized in the causes of democratic collapse.Read full article >>
It is frequently said that, unfortunately, Americans disdain government. It is more usefully said that, unfortunately, they have abundant reasons for doing so. In coming days, the Supreme Court, by deciding to hear a case from Connecticut, can begin limiting a contemptible government abuse that the court’s passive deference to legislatures has encouraged. Read full article >>
A most unfamiliar likeness of Jeb Bush appeared on Americans’ television screens the morning after the New Hampshire primary. This version looked alive. The onetime front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination was asked, on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” what he made of the disturbing exit-poll finding that 64 percent of Republican voters in New Hampshire support Donald Trump’s proposed ban on Muslims entering the country. Read full article >>
In a devastating outcome for Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire, this was the most unkindest cut of all: Women flocked to Bernie Sanders. Not by single digits, but by a margin of 55 percent to 44 percent. Read full article >>
The conservatism that has dominated the Republican Party for decades is in crisis. Capitalism has lost its allure among a large swath of young Americans. And the Clinton and Bush brands are yesterday’s products in desperate need of renovation. Read full article >>
You cannot understand the vulnerable state of the U.S. and global economies — and nervous stock markets — without coming to grips with the crash of “emerging-market” countries. Led by China, these are middle-income countries that, along with the poorest countries, account for 85 percent of the world’s population and 60 percent of the global economy, according to Christine Lagarde, head of the International Monetary Fund. Read full article >>
Young women know too little about how hard we worked to break the ground they now walk on.   
Young Sanders fans aren't anti-feminist; they're making informed decisions.   
Obama's proposal is the latest good idea for funding infrastructure.   
With oil prices near $30 a barrel, a $10 tax would be a 30% increase.   
We asked what followers thought about Trump and Sanders winning the New Hampshire primary.   
The late-night comics cover campaigning for the country's first primary   
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